Bitwig Studio 2 Now Available

Bitwig has announced that Bitwig Studio 2, the first major update to the multiplatform DAW, is now available.

Bitwig Studio 2 expands on the modularity introduced in version 1 with Nested Device Chains and Modulator Devices.

In Bitwig Studio 2, the modularity concept has been developed further. The entire modulation system has been reworked and the idea of modulators has been reimagined. 

Key Features Of Bitwig Studio 2

Modulators – Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 25 new modulators, from standard modulators like envelopes and LFOs to more unique modulator types, like Random, Select-4 and Math.

Each device in Bitwig Studio 2 (internal devices and external plug-ins) has individual modulation slots where an unlimited number of modulators can be added and assigned to any number of parameters.

Furthermore, the Modulators can also be interconnected for additional sound design possibilities. When using internal Bitwig instruments, many modulators can be set to polyphonic mode, enabling per-voice modulation—something previously seen only in closed systems.


  • 4-Stage
  • ADSR
  • Audio Sidechain
  • Beat LFO
  • Button
  • Buttons
  • Classic LFO
  • Envelope Follower
  • Expressions
  • HW CV In
  • Keytrack
  • LFO
  • Macro-4
  • Macro
  • Math
  • MIDI
  • Mix
  • Note Sidechain
  • Random
  • Select-4
  • Steps
  • Vector-4
  • Vector-8
  • XY

New Devices

Apart from totally re-conceptualizing the modulation system and introducing a new class of Modulator devices, Bigwig also has expanded the standard device collection.

Here’s a list of the new additions:

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Phaser
  • Treemonster
  • Multi-Note
  • Note Echo
  • Note Harmonizer
  • Note Latch
  • Note Length
  • Note Velocity
  • Better Hardware Integration with a new set of devices that will integrate hardware via MIDI and CV/Gate:
    • MIDI CC
    • MIDI Program Change
    • HW Clock out
    • HW CV Instrument
    • HW CV Out
    • MIDI Song Select

Other Updates

  • Fades and Crossfades for audio clips not only in the arranger timeline but also audio editor, and even for audio events inside clips—for truly fast yet flexible editing. The curve slopes of all fades can be adjusted.
  • VST3 Support—including per-note expression and sample-accurate automation.
  • Device Updates –  Several devices now include a spectrum analyzer and dynamic display panels and many feature improved visualization of parameters, movement and signal flow.
  • Polysynth Updates – updated with several oscillator mix and filter waveshaping modes. These new modes open up new possibilities for sound exploration, adding complex overtones and frequency modulation options to your sound palette.
  • Smart Tool Switching and improved Editor Workflow – You can now achieve many standard tasks without having to swap tools; depending on where you click, you can select multiple objects or time segments, edit fades or zoom and scroll.
  • Dashboard – The Dashboard handles many tasks that were previously available only in menus and other windows – such as locating and opening projects, configuring settings, installing packages and accessing help resources.
  • Notifications – the new notification system shows different types of messages in a clear, streamlined and non-intrusive format.
  • New Menu System – Bitwig Studio 2 now features a context-aware menu system to keep the focus on the task at hand.
  • Controller API improvements – A new scripting engine gives better performance, and you now get improved and immediate feedback while scripting. You can now also write scripts in Python.

Pricing and Availability

Bitwig Studio 2 is available now via selected retailers and in the Bitwig webshop. A free demo version is ready also available.

  • Upgrade from Bitwig Studio 1 to Bitwig Studio 2 MAP: 159 EUR / 169 USD
  • Bitwig Studio 2 MAP: 379 EUR / 399 USD
  • Renewal of upgrade plan after 12 months: 159 EUR / 169 USD

Bitwig Studio 2 Absolute Beginner’s Guide
For the Launch of Bitwig Studio 2, Bitwig and have teamed up with Bitwig Certified Professional Thavius Beck to create the Bitwig Studio 2 Absolute Beginner’s Guide, which is available in our webshop.

21 thoughts on “Bitwig Studio 2 Now Available

    1. Well there are two issues here:

      1. Too many things on the screen — well, ok, to each his own. To quote the Protoss from Starcraft, “POWER OVERWHELMING.” I don’t care how much stuff is on the screen as long as it’s awesome stuff.

      2. You are complaining that you can’t save projects on their free demo? It’s a full-featured demo. I’d much rather have a full-featured demo where you can’t save then some of the other terrible limitations people throw at you when you download their demos. The whole idea is for you to learn how the software works and then buy it.

  1. Amazing creative software, one of the best DAWs available for people who
    Ike experimental and modular environments and currently the best option for clip based music production in my opionion (and I was/am a Live user since V3)

    The update is more than worth the price, and if we get free major updates (rather than get getting charged for 0.5 updates to get bug fixes) then it is even more of a bargain. The software still works after a year, you just have to pay for updates after a year (and you can stop a year if you like then jump back in, a bit like Komplete)

  2. So far all the beta users I know say this software is amazing. As per the pricing plan, I’m not sure what the complaint is. There are so many features already packed in Bitwig that it’s impossible to use them all, and the company is promising to continue to release new features, for free, for a year. I probably won’t renew the upgrade plan at all, or if I do I’ll wait a year or something.

    There are, I think, 32 modulators, beyond traditional effects, the included sample packs are quite good, Polysynth is great, and it’s still cheaper than Ableton Standard. Beyond this, other DAWs charge you more than the full price of Bitwig to upgrade once you have bought it.

    Basically, every channel in Bitwig can be like its own modular synth. The sounds I’m getting out of Bitwig 1 are so fat already, and I’m looking forward to the new version. I’ll probably get it in a month or so, when my gig schedule calms down. I hate testing new software on stage.

  3. every time i have tried to download a bitwig demo it never works???
    so far this year i have tried 3 daw demo’s and only bitwig failed to work!
    is bitwig any good? i have no idea because even a year later after my 1st attempt the demo failed to load funny how mixcraft,ableton,cubase work fine !
    bitwig sort your life out…

    1. Bitwig Studio is cross-platform and AU is not a cross-platform standard. Maybe if Apple wasn’t a closed platform…

  4. A very favorable review:

    “In terms of creative workflow, however, version 2 is a cut above the competition. The modulation system is hugely inspiring, creative and implemented in a way that makes it accessible. Combine this with the new hardware functionality, along with pre-existing highlights such as the flexible controller API, cross-platform compatibility and flexible effects chains and signal splitters, and Bitwig begins to look like a serious contender.

      1. seem mantra, you checked every comment and respond in negativity, if we putting aside your feelings of entitlement, maybe you should apply to the competitor PR? if you didn’t already.

  5. I think people misunderstand the subscription model. You don’t have to keep upgrading if you don’t want to. The license still works if you don’t renew. You just won’t get new features or updates until you jump back in, which you can do at any time. I’ve upgraded several versions of Ableton Suite and they are not exactly cheap, and while they pack a lot in there, I don’t use a bunch of the stuff that comes with each feature.

    I’ve since switched to Bitwig because of their Linux support, and while a few areas are not quite as robust as Ableton, I find it to be a much more creative tool. Some of the things on the screen take a bit of reading to understand :-O but the manual is really well written.

    May not be for everyone, but I feel like there’s a rando needless pile-on. If you’ve already invested $800 in your fully featured tracking tool, then don’t buy Bitwig, but there’s a lot in here that’s worth doing. I like the fact that I can access open developers hooks with JavaScript (my dev lang of choice).

    It’s a very different platform than most of what’s out there. So far, I’m a fan.

      1. yes it is very possible. people can’t handle the truth 🙂
        this plan is no more then “come clean and in your face”, what all other do in the best but with more straight forward way to say it.

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