Free Ableton Wurlitzer Instrument

Expanding Sound has released Dirty Wurlitzer a free Ableton Instrument.

This is an Ableton Sampler instrument, based on the sound of a vintage Wurlitzer, multi-sampled with different velocities to get a more accurate playing experience. It also features macro controls in the instrument rack to manipulate the tremolo effect, expanding on the fixed-speed tremolo originals.

It’s a free download via the Expanding Sound site.

9 thoughts on “Free Ableton Wurlitzer Instrument

  1. oh my there is that ableton live thing again
    trying to avoid mousepad joke
    just wondering if anything design to used in live could be used elsewhere?

    1. it is played with a midi controller, not a mousepad. whether the computation, signal control and/ or manipulation of sound takes place in a computer or within the same box your keys, knobs etc. are attached, doesn’t necessarily make it more or less playable or inspirational. to answer your second question, i believe it’s similar to any other sampler instrument. it’s a set of samples that are grouped as an ableton instrument. you could possibly take the samples used to create this instrument and put in your own favorite sampler.

    1. There are many, for example, your computer keyboard definitely doesn’t react to velocity, your controller *might* and your string instrument definitely will.

  2. I guess I am an idiot. I could not figure out how to install this thing. It seems to install, but I have no way to access it in Live 9. What a horrible program. What lousy support. This is shit.

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