MeeBlip Gets Web-Based Patch Editor

Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn today announced a free Web-based patch editor for the MeeBlip Anode and Triode synthesizers.

The MeeBlip Web editor lets you explore the sounds your MeeBlip hardware can make, with just a computer, a MIDI interface and a compatible Web browser (Chrome, Chromium, and Opera).

You can edit your patch, send it to your MeeBlip via MIDI, and then hear what it sounds like using an included sequencer.

The editor, created by Ben Schmaus (Factotumo), is also open source, so you coders can get the source at github and fork it up.

10 thoughts on “MeeBlip Gets Web-Based Patch Editor

  1. The thing I really like about the Triode, besides its great price and unique sound, is how its resonance allows there to be a squark which can be heard in a small speaker, while not compromising the deep bass when heard in a big speaker. This web based editor should make it easier to access the hidden parameters which can only be edited with MIDI CC on the Triode.

  2. Being able to store patches (copied as bookmarks) is a great feature that I’d like to see expanded in a future version.

    1. There’s also which we set up as an experimental way to save/share patches. The idea is you copy the patch link (via the patch link button) and tweet to meeblipbot with a #meeblip tag and any other descriptive tags you’d like to add for the patch.

      Definitely agree that patch storage/sharing is a feature that could be expanded.

  3. shame they don’t have proper distribution in Europe, I always wanted to give the Meeblips a go but the customs are holding me back!

    1. We hear you. But adding a distributor would *add* to the cost in Europe, not reduce it … we’re still shipping a lot of synths over here to Europe. We’ve made the cost and shipping as affordable as we can … so if you want one, it’ll get to you!

  4. Love my Triode. I am sad though, I still can’t seem to get it working properly with my Octatrack. Even with the latest triode firmware… still have to filter out extraneous midi data with my iConnect.

    But this looks awesome. Wonder if it works with Chrome on iPad??

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