SOUND + PROCESS – An Electronic & Experimental Music Podcast

The SOUND + PROCESS podcast features interviews with electronic musicians that use the monome, featuring their work and their perspectives on music making.

Each podcast features the artist’s music woven together with small segments of dialogue.

Here’s what host Dan Derks has to say about the series:

I started it to help create a bridge between folks who knew each other almost exclusively through the Internet, to amplify the natural curiosity and warmth that is a hallmark of that community. I also wanted to create a document that extended outside the web address. Something that could bottle the lightning, so the uninitiated could still engage with these artists.

My guests for these hour-long episodes have ranged from Nick Sanborn (of Sylvan Esso) to the enigmatic GLIA — the most recent is Piotr Szyhalski (aka Labor Camp).

It’s a fully home-grown project that hopes to expand the visibility of the incredible work of both monome and these artists.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below or via Soundcloud:

This podcast is funded through Patreon and individual contributions.

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