Audiobus 3 Sneak Preview

Audiobus co-developer Sebastian Dittmann has announced that Audiobus 3 is complete and will launch in late March, 2017.

Here are the key new features of Audiobus 3:

  • A totally new way to set up MIDI connections between compatible apps. All IAA instruments that are compatible with Audiobus will be usable as MIDI destinations. MIDI controllers will need to update to the newest SDK and support Audiobus 3’s MIDI system. Dittman says “We’re launching with a few of the best MIDI controller apps for that. And of course MIDI filters are a whole new category of apps, of which there will be a handful when we launch, made by Johannes Dörr, the creator of midiFlow
    Support for Audio Unit Extensions.”
  • A basic input mixer to adjust volumes of all sound generators
  • Apps with the new Audiobus 3 SDK will launch into the background. All MIDI controllers and filters with the new Audiobus MIDI system will support this. Combined with Audio Unit Extensions and the new Audiobus MIDI system this let you set up an entire workflow, save it as an Audiobus preset and then restore it later on.
  • Support for split view and slide-over on compatible devices, so that you can adjust the volume without having to switch apps – just slide in the side panel and use the Audiobus mixer in that. It’s handy.

“We’ve worked on this for more than 2 years now,” says Dittmann. “The main focus of it was to save our users time and present them with a platform that is fun and inspiring to use. More making music, less thinking about how to do it.”

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced.

3 thoughts on “Audiobus 3 Sneak Preview

  1. Audiobus changed iOS music making. It will be interesting to see how this will develop things. Well done Sebastian and everyone!

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