New iPhone Synth, TF8

Developer Pier Lim has introduced TF8 Synth, a new virtual analog synthesizer for iPhone.


  • 2 Main Oscillators (Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle and the coveted Roland-inspired Supersaw)
  • 2 Sub Oscillators for each oscillator to give that added extra oomph
  • 2 State of the art pure sounding filters, which can be used in series or parallel
  • 2 LFOs for modulating almost any parameter in the synth
  • 1 ADSR Envelope for the synth output
  • 1 ADSR Envelope for controlling the filter cutoff frequencies
  • 10 powerful effects comprising of Compressor, Distortion, Stereo Delay, Stereo Reverb, Reverse Delay, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Quad-Phase Phaser, Tube Distortion and Equalizer and Unison.
  • Arpeggiator, time-step, velocity, gate with plenty of fun arpeggio patterns.
  • Audiobus and Inter-app Audio for inter-app operability.
  • Ableton Link can be used to sync arpeggiator and bpm-syncable effects.
  • Midi controllers supported.
  • Knobs are controllable via midi cc.
  • Midi Out – use TF8 Synth as a midi controller

Pricing and Availability

TF8 is a available free download, but requires a $2.99 In-App purchase to be useful.

9 thoughts on “New iPhone Synth, TF8

  1. while the IAP price of $2.99 is absolutely okay, i still think a demo app should be called a demo. if an app is not called a demo, it should have basic functionality and be useful. many examples for this around.

    anyway, i use ipad, not iphone.

    1. nothing new, allot of there original game programs from the windows 3.1 ,95 days became big because of the limited demo they had. games like doom, wolfenstien, etc

      plus good thing about the demo id a chance to try to see if you like, plus see if it actually runs on your system

      I agree that apple should have a tag for demo, as well gamer type coinware, rentalware (office 365) and mat favorite to pick on ratings hostageware ( where if you give it 5 stars you get it free)

  2. UI is really nice – cool graphics. And the synths sounds good. I think the only question is why yet another two-oscillator virtual analogue?

    As to the try-it-for-free and unlock-if-you-like-it model, people need to understand that Apple devs have little choice. Making an app free increases the downloads 10 fold. And 1% of those might “convert” into a purchase. Ultimately I’d be very surprised if this guy covers his development costs – even at minimum wage.

  3. Just wanted to mention, that the tube distortion fx really sweetens the sound of this synth (even with all dedicated fx parameters set to zero). Makes it sound really reach and warm and “analog”.
    Strangely, though, this fx is turned off by default in every patch, so you have to turn it on manually each time.

  4. Hi all,

    The recent v1.1 and v1.2 updates fix the cpu issues and puts in some requests from users.
    Do update, thanks!


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