Free Buchla Clone For Reaktor

Developer Trevor Gavilan has shared Cloudlab 200t for Reaktor, described as a “Buchla based modular system”.

Gavilan notes:

This is not an official emulation by BEMI Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, Buchla and Associates or Eardrill. This ensemble has been created for fun having a Buchla resemblance and workflow for inspirational purposes.

So, don’t expect it to sound anything like an actual Buchla, it’s just a cool Reaktor instrument.

If you’ve tried it, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

13 thoughts on “Free Buchla Clone For Reaktor

      1. Then you’ve never used the real thing or heard one in person. This sounds like a ghetto vst with a Buchla skin.

  1. It’s great! Just wanted to take a quick look and ended up noodling around for hours. I have no idea what I did, but it kept making interesting noises. Really made me want to learn this form of synthesis.

  2. Downloade & play with it a little, but I’ll have to read the user manual as this isn’t straightforward to figure out and all the names are pretty esoteric – there’s even a module labelled “Source of Confusion” !! 😀

  3. It should also be mentioned that it comes with a Lemur Template for controlling everything except for the modulation matrix.

  4. I have full Reaktor 5, and Reaktor 6 player. It’s not letting me open it…do I need full Reaktor 6?

  5. I downloaded it n I also find it fun to tweak n it’s useful for my mixes. I noodled with it all morning today. Thank you Trevor!!!! Awesome work.

  6. Not getting all the negativity. Like really. It’s bloody awesome. As a start load up the Borderlands patch and tweak away.

    For those that cannot get it going you need the full version. Drop it in the “Ensembles” directory in your home directory. Look for Native Instruments and go to Reaktor folder, etc, once you get to Ensembles, drop it in there.

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