8 thoughts on “New System Brings Patch Memory To Modular Analog Synthesizers

  1. As if ANYONE needs to point out that this is fake…. OF COURSE it is…. anyone that knows ANYTHING about this kind of system knows it’s impossible, and then anyone that DOESN’T can’t SURELY fall for flying patch leads?…. Surely? Watch through to the end, its not like he’s trying to hide anything… He’s even called the “lead” the APR01… !!!!!!

    As for then finding fault with a typo… that’s a tad churlish… he’s making us smile. Give him a break.

  2. OMG! That was great. I like how he pops it open, reveals the inner workings, then does his bit about how they should have put that instruction at the beginning of the letter (classic Markus!).

    When he read the techy bit about moving potentiometers and said “that sounds reasonable to me” — this is going to be a cult classic.

    1. At the beginning he said, “I’d like to show you something that is almost unbelievable”.

      And a CORRECTION to my above post: when he reads the bit about moving potentiometers with electromagnetic pulses, he says, “Well, that’s almost believable.”

      I need to sponsor this guy.

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