Arturia Intros Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep & BeatStep Pro Sequencer Controllers

At Superbooth 17, Arturia has introduced the “Black Edition” KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro sequencer-controllers.

Arturia’s trio of DAW controlling, step-sequencing hybrids are now available in a sleek black finish.

Each of the new Black Edition models comes complete with CV cables, giving you immediate access to the sequencer’s hardware control functionality:

Arturia KeyStep Black Edition – 149 US$ / 119 €

This small format keyboard sequencer features a 32-note slim-key keybed with aftertouch, and lets you sync with & control any software or hardware instrument through its comprehensive connectivity, including USB, MIDI in & out, CV gate, and Sync in & out. Create evolving, polyphonic sequences up to 64 steps long, with real-time recording and rewriting.

Arturia BeatStep Pro Black Edition – 299 US$ / 249 €

Arturia’s cutting edge, 3-part step sequencer now has a sleek new look. Featuring two separate melodic sequencers and a dedicated 16-track drum sequencer, BeatStep Pro gives the adventurous musician a powerful palette of tools to create dynamic, exciting tracks without the need for a computer screen.

Arturia BeatStep Black Edition – 129 US$ / 99 €

Packing 16 pressure and velocity sensitive pads and 16 rotary knobs into a neat package, BeatStep is an affordable way for musicians to get creative with simple monophonic step-sequences. Able to control outboard synths and virtual instruments alike, BeatStep’s versatility also makes it a great DAW controller.

The Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro will begin shipping worldwide at the end of April 2017. See the Arturia site for details.

28 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep & BeatStep Pro Sequencer Controllers

    1. Huh, I thought BeatStep owners just complained that Arturia didn’t magically turn their original BeatSteps into BeatStep Pros.

      1. Like the owners of a MiniBrute can turn their arpeggiator into the sequencer of a MicroBrute by a software change?

    1. They also added a LOT more cables. Makes me upset because I would’ve loved to get one in black with a bunch of patch cables. Unfortunately, I bought mine a couple of months ago. Still thinking about picking up another one, because it does what it does well.

  1. I really like these 32 key 2.5 octave F-C controllers for portable work. 2 octaves is never enough, and 3 octaves gets too big to carry in a bag.

  2. all people do is complain , these guys have been making great stuff.
    stop being silly consumers. more more more , you will soon be suffocating with stuff you don’t even use.

    1. We’re not “silly consumers” we’re hobbyists and music professionals. The Beatstep Pro DOESN’T EVEN WORK properly as is. Instead of fixing the problems they try to sell more! There are still significant bugs in the Beatstep Pro, and there is complete neglect in the hardware to reduce the price point. It has no USB isolation because the parts cost to much for this $250 brick.

      1. none of the comments except yours were relevant to the products “not working”
        therefore that is not what my comment reflected. if your shit don’t work call them again that is not what i was writing about.

      2. It works fantastically for me and many others.

        It does so much, though, I can see how it could have some features that don’t do it for you, or that don’t get attention because they’re obscure.

        I use it with cv & gates, and it’s literally 1/10 the cost of modular alternatives.

    1. Rock solid for me. There were some bugs in firmware 1, which isn’t uncommon, but they got those worked out very quickly. It’s a workhorse now.

    1. You do realize these guys dropped a great sounding $400 analog drum machine and a complete beast of a mono synth since November?

  3. My beatstep pro has the latest firmware and it still jitters and fails to change patches when you press the buttons and generally gets confused quite often. Great machine but needs to be refined to be more stable I believe. And…… only 16 songs? Ridiculous limitation…. stick a micro sd slot on it or something.

    1. Try factory reset and re-put the firmware. I had the same problem and this fixed it. It can happen on every machine.

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