New Midiflow Adapter Connects Core MIDI Apps To Audiobus 3

Midiflow Adapter is a new iOS app that allows you to connect Core MIDI apps to Audiobus 3.

Audiobus 3 has introduced a great new way to interconnect MIDI apps, for example sequencers with synth apps. However, this only works with apps that have been updated with the new SDK. Midiflow Adapter translates between older MIDI apps and the new Audiobus.

Midiflow adapter creates permanent virtual MIDI ports for input and output. After distinctly selecting each of those ports in your ‘legacy’ music apps, they can receive and send MIDI from/to Audiobus 3.

Setup guides and videos are available on the Midiflow site.

Pricing and Availability

Midiflow Adapter is available now for US $1.99.

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