Microphonic Soundbox (Sneak Preview)

LeafAudio shared this sneak preview of the Microphonic Soundbox – a new DIY electroacoustic instrument.

Here’s what creator Manuel Richter has to say about the Microphonic Soundbox:

When I started experimental music back in the 90ties, I built myself an instrument which became the trademark sound of my project and sound design work. Now, we re-created this instrument as a DIY kit for our workshops.

In the video clip you see the prototype and hear sounds based on this instrument.

Pricing and Availabilty

The Microphonic Soundbox is expected to be available this summer, via Exploding Shed. Pricing is TBA.

7 thoughts on “Microphonic Soundbox (Sneak Preview)

  1. I like it. It seems one could make their own kind of customized version with a box and some piezo’s. I like the use of springs, a little kalimba thing, some rods, and what…? a rock?

    One tricky thing with piezos on boxes like that is having to dial out some resonances, but that’s fixable using some assertive EQ.

      1. Lava rock does have a pretty sweet tone. And 200-300 is the right amount of grit as far as the sandpaper is concerned. Though some hard rockers will swap out for a 100 grit for more bite. It’s a pretty cheap mod.

  2. Nice idea. Bowing metal things is a sonic goldmine.
    But there’s a ton of FX on that audio not mentioned.
    The box by itself won’t sound anything like that.

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