New Software Synth, Fluoresynth, Works In Your Browser Or As A VST, AU

Electric Telepathy has introduced a new software synth, Fluoresynth, that works as a VST or AU plugin, but that you can also preview and use in your web browser.

Fluoresynth uses the harmonic series to create pitched musical tones. Fluoresynth’s harmonic series consists of a fundamental tone and 12 overtones. The relationship between the fundamental and its overtones determines the sound’s brightness and warmth.


  • Easy to understand – controls labeled with musical terms, not technical language
  • Built-in oscilloscope shows you the sound wave in real time
  • Full polyphony – you can play multiple notes at once
  • Velocity sensitive – harder struck notes sound louder and brighter
  • Synchronize Fluoresynth to your song’s tempo
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OSX 10.5 through 10.12+

Pricing and Availability

Fluoresynth is available now, using a name your own price model. It’s also available to preview and use in your web browser.


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