Erica Synths Black VCO & Black VCO Expander Now Available

Erica Synths let us know that their Black VCO & Black VCO Expander modules for Eurorack modular synthesizers are now available.

The Erica Black VCO is an analog VCO with four simultaneous waveform outputs and one octave down suboscillator.

The core of the VCO is borrowed from Russian Polivoks synthesizer VCO and uses the original matched transistor IC that was used in Polivoks. The Black VCO transistor-based suboscillator is designed to generate a distinct, rounded squarewave. Together with Black VCO Expander waveform mixer, it offers plenty of patch points for modular use.


  • Simultaneous sine, triangle, saw and pulse wave outputs
  • -1 octave suboscillator
  • Manually adjustable and CV controlled pulse width
  • Tracks across 8 octaves
  • Exponential FM input with attenuator
  • Synchronization input
  • Octave switch – 5 octaves
  • Skiff-friendly design

The Erica Black VCO Expander essentially is advanced waveform mixer plus two octaves down suboscillator, and it allows you to explore wave design in brand new areas.

Note: This is expander module that can be connected only to Black VCO. It will not work as standalone eurorack module.


  • Waveform mixer/inverter
  • Sine/Triangle/”Tits” waveform switch
  • Transistor-based -2 octave suboscillator
  • -1 and -2 octave suboscillator crossfade
  • Suboscillator lowpass filter
  • Diode limiter on output signal amplitude
  • Three simultaneous outputs

Pricing and Availability

The modules are available now. Price for Black VCO: 220€ (VAT ex.). Price for Black VCO Expander: 110€ (VAT ex.)

Demo video by Carl Mikael’s Cabinet of Curiosities

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