Resonans Physical Modeling Synthesizer For Reason

Robotic Bean has introducded Resonans Physical Synthesizer, a new physical modeling synthesizer Rack Extension.

Resonans features two physical models that let you create realistic bells and plucked sounds, bowed and blown timbres, or ‘otherworldly noises and textures with an organic feel’.


  • Two physical models: Modal Resonator and Inharmonic String
  • Impulse section featuring a noise generator and sampler that feed into the physical model via a multimode filter
  • External audio inputs let you inject audio into the physical model or built-in effects
  • Sub oscillator that follows the pitch and amplitude of the physical model
  • Modulation matrix with drag & drop selection
  • Built-in reverb and delay with Tilt EQ

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Resonans Physical Synthesizer is available at an intro price of US $89 (normally $119).

via Niklas Backlund

5 thoughts on “Resonans Physical Modeling Synthesizer For Reason

  1. Is it just me or does the graphic at the top center look like a nod to mutable instruments? Perhaps a not-so-subtle wink at Rings?

    1. It’s not just you: The resonators are actually running slightly modified and optimized source code from Rings!

    2. The Oliver Gillet code you’re referring to – is it so that the resonator is based on Rings?

      Yeah, that’s spot on! Both of the current models are adapted from Rings. There were quite a few modifications I had to do to make them fit better in the context of a standalone polyphonic instrument, for example how they handle external audio. I also had to do some pretty heavy optimizations of the modal resonator to make it polyphonic (without reducing the resolution like the original module does) without killing the CPU.

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