Sherman Filterbank 2 Hands-On Demo

This video, via Starsky Carr, takes an in-depth look at the Sherman Filterbank 2.

The video offers a walkthrough and demo for the Filterbank 2, along with tips and tricks for getting the most out of it. 


6:00 Triggering
8:30 Main Features
11:00 ADSR
13:30 Filters and shaping
16:15 LFO
19:25 Piano
21:30 Synth Bass
25:25 FM
28:10 Pitch Trcking
29:00 Beats
33:00 Envelope Generator

7 thoughts on “Sherman Filterbank 2 Hands-On Demo

  1. Absolutely gorgeous sounding filter. That harmonics knob is what wet dreams are made of.

    Years ago, I lusted for the original Sherman Filterbank but just couldn’t afford it at the time. I ended up settling for an Electrix Filter Factory instead… not a shabby filter by any means but nowhere near the capabilities of the SFB2.

    Phuturetone came out with a vst a few years ago that was supposed to be an emulation of the SFB2 called Philteroid. Functionality-wise it did similar things but I couldn’t get past the sound. Nothing at all like the real thing.

    1. “Isn’t that semen?”

      Yes and people get pregnant through fellatio lol

      Uh… no. Semen is what happens AFTER your wet dream. You might want to brush up on your biology 😉

    1. Knock, knock
      – who’s there?
      – the 90’s. We’re back!

      Seriously, I’ve been seeing 20-25 year-olds making some crazy acid house tunes recently.

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