Audulus 3.4 Adds Multi-Channel Audio & CV Input & Output

Audulus LLC has released Audulus 3.4 – a free update for all Audulus platforms that lets you access up to 16 audio and control voltage (CV) inputs and outputs, using two-new nodes called ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog converter).

With the ADC and DAC nodes, Audulus users can take full advantage of DC-coupled audio interfaces, such as the Expert Sleepers ES-8 and the Universal Audio Apollo, and connect Audulus modular systems with hardware modular gear. 

Audulus shared several videos, above and below, that demonstrate using the new version with the Expert Sleepers ES-8 interface to connect it with hardware.

Here are some ways that they suggest the new I/O features can be used:

  • Sending and receiving simultaneous audio, modulation, and envelope CVs to up to 4 Eurorack filters for true analog filter polyphony
  • Clocking multiple Korg Volcas at different speeds or divisions of a master clock
  • Sequencing analog synthesizers with volt-per-octave (VPO) signals
  • Receiving multiple DC signals from hardware controllers like CV joysticks and ribbon controllers for ultra-high
  • resolution control over your digital synthesizers
  • Receiving, quantizing, and sending out analog VPO signals
  • Generating LFOs and envelopes of any imaginable shape
  • Using stompboxes on a send & return within your Audulus patches
  • Cloning, adapting, and modifying true work-alikes of digital and analog Eurorack modules
  • Generating quadraphonic or surround-sound-style effects for keyboards and guitar
  • Receiving an analog master clock and generating divisions, probability triggers, or Euclidean-style rhythm sequencing (or mix of all!)
  • Storing, recalling, and rapidly switching between different modular synth patch routings
  • Analyzing a guitar’s pitch and volume envelope within Audulus and converting them to an analog VPO and envelope signal
  • Using Audulus as a multi-effect rack with 4 mono inputs and outputs or 2 stereo inputs and outputs (with an Expert Sleepers ES-8)

Here’s an audio example of Audulus sequencing VPO signals and envelopes through an Expert Sleepers ES-8:

Pricing and Availability

Audulus is available for iOS for US $19.99, and for Mac, Windows & Linux for $49.99. For more details, see the Audulus site.

47 thoughts on “Audulus 3.4 Adds Multi-Channel Audio & CV Input & Output

    1. Mark

      Is there a list of supported or even recommended audio interfaces?

      The ES-8 is out of my price range – at least for now. Are there other interfaces that might offer similar capabilities but without the 5 Benjamin price tag?

      1. Audulus will work with any audio interface, but if you’re referring to DC-coupled interfaces (required to send most CVs), here are some options from the Expert Sleepers website:

        The Alesis and MOTU ones are probably the cheapest.

        The advantage of the ES-8 is that it’s -/+ 10v, which not only scales nicely with CVs from Audulus, but it also has a higher VPO range. I think the MOTUs only go up to 8.5v, but I might be mistaken.

        The other advantage of the ES-8 is that it works with iOS devices. It might be worth saving up! That said, eventually, you’ll be able to make a big aggregate device and use the ES-8 + whatever else to send CVs out. We’re limited to 16 I/O at the moment, and the ES-8 takes all 16 outputs (it has 8 hidden outputs that are gates with an expander), but eventually you’ll be able to just have access to however many audio I/O your system can handle. Taylor is also working on adding more sample rate options, as Audulus is currently fixed at 44.1k.

        Below is a fun video showing how you can automap controls through a DC-coupled interface like this:

    2. Is there an open community somewhere I don’t know about that is sharing their designs? I feel overwhelmed with the possibilities and would like to tweak existing setups!

  1. To celebrate, here are some free Audulus Mac codes:

    Mac: To redeem the code, select the Apple Menu, then App Store, then Categories. You will see “Redeem” on the gray sidebar on the right.


    If there’s a lively discussion here, I will post more later!

    Please reply when you’ve claimed a code.

  2. Thanks Mark!

    Love Audulus on the ipad and was so amazed to see the mac codes but tried to redeem them and got a “code redemption is temporarily unavailable” error. Hoping I can “win” it and get it going within Abelton.

        1. @Frggge – You’re welcome, let me know if you need any help getting started [email protected] and make sure to download the patches at!

          Here are four more iOS codes:


          iOS: To redeem the code, open the App Store, tap on Featured at the bottom of the screen, scroll down, then tap the Redeem button. The code can then be pasted in.

  3. Thank you! I am watching this for an iOS code, should more be available. I have been dying to try to do some controllers with it!

  4. Thank you to everyone who read this post and reached out to me for a code! If you missed your chance this time, there will be more code giveaways in the future, or just buy the dang thing since it’s only $20 for iOS!

    Also, make sure you check out Expert Sleepers ES-8 – it’s an expensive module, sure, but it’s also a super high quality audio interface that’s perfect for iOS!

    I just totaled it up and YTD we’ve given away about $25,000 worth of free Audulus copies – we do this because unlike a lot of apps, you, the users, make Audulus better by sharing your patches on the We’re investing in you because we hope you’ll invest in us! Thank you everyone, especially Synthtopia – good night!

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