Native Instruments Expands Reaktor Blocks With 5 new Modules

Native Instruments has released Reaktor Blocks 1.3, an update to their virtual modular system, that  introduces a new Blocks family: Kodiak.

These five modules are not modeled on specific hardware. Instead, Native says that the modules are designed to ‘combine analog character with digital power’.

  • Duality OSC is a dual oscillator that adds innovative wave-shaping to Blocks. It offers phase-, frequency-, amplitude-, and timbre-modulation, and is ideal for growling basses, vibrant leads, and rich percussion.
  • Shift Sequencer is an unconventional step sequencer. It has independent sequence-length and direction controls for pitch, octave, velocity, hold, and gate, making polyrhythmic sequencing easy.
  • Curve Sequencer takes a modern classic – MASSIVE’s stepped modulation sequencer – and places it in the Blocks rack. It enables complex stepped modulation, perfect for electronic music.
  • Morph Filter delivers a triple-resonant filter bank designed to morph between settings for vowel sounds, chords, or percussion.
  • Flip Gen is a versatile tone generator and experimental noise source. It is perfect for generating bleepy sequences, bell-like FM, morse, pitched noise, crackly textures, and for use as a creatively random modulator.

Blocks 1.3 also includes five new ensembles, each one a synthesizer in its own right. They showcase the five new modules, with over 195 new presets, covering everything from self-generating polyrhythmic techno grooves to Daft Punk-style vowel-filtered leads.

Pricing and Availability

Blocks 1.3 is part of Reaktor 6, which is available for $199 / 199 € / ¥ 24,800 / £169 / AU$279.. The update is free to current Reaktor 6 users.

11 thoughts on “Native Instruments Expands Reaktor Blocks With 5 new Modules

  1. haven’t spent a whole lot of time with the update but the dual osc sounds great and the curve sequencer is super fun

  2. I’ve tried the new blocks quite a bit the last few days… they are excellent, top to bottom. And each have interesting applications that aren’t obvious, if you look for them…

  3. Please NI update your blocks with a front cable view I hate always switch between edit and play mode. I have a 27″ screen and its too small for to so panel and structure at the same time… Please give us the possiblity to see and patch cables from the panel view…

  4. I’ve used reaktor since it was generator, I stopped somewhere around 2008 during the doldrums of no updates and upgraded to 6 last year, now I use it more than any of my hardware synths, the sounds are amazing and the user blocks keep it fresh – bravo NI please keep it up!

  5. Just updated to version 6 here. Reaktor is still at the top of the cool. I would though – ask for a scalable/zoomable GUI – blocks or not. Next year I turn 60 (!) but I still want to be able to use my favorite software. (Actually this is the one thing I like Arturia for).

  6. Just recently jumped on the Reaktor train, and I can’t believe that I’ve taken so long to come around to it. I’m loving the blocks! I’m still a noob when it comes to how Reaktor works, but I’ve made some pretty amazing patches just by messing around. The blocks sound closer to analog than any of my other soft synths (to my ears, including Diva). You can get some really complex and “ballsy” sounds out of this setup. NI makes some fantastic stuff these days.

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