GalaXynth Gets Robotic Pop Star Sound Library

Heart of Noise has released a free soundbank, Pop Stars Vol 1, for its workstation synth plugin, GalaXynth.

The soundbank features synthesis models designed to recreate the vocal qualities of 6 pop stars: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

The virtual vocalist patches are not samples, but digital models. This means that you can use the models as starting points for morphing with other virtual vocalists or with other sounds.

Here’s a video demo, with all the sounds coming from GalaXynth:

Pricing and Availability

Pop Stars Vol 1 is a free download for GalaXynth, which is available for Mac & Windows for US $99.

4 thoughts on “GalaXynth Gets Robotic Pop Star Sound Library

  1. Though it may not be samples, but it still pretty much sounds like samples. You hear all weird qualities of shifting samples up & down without any formant managment. And they seem to have just taken little “samples” of specific tones from those singers. It’s like a sample library but only less realistic sounding.

    Might be weird enough to have some other uses though. Needs a more detailed walkthrough.

  2. I support this technology. Seems like you could get some really interesting melody lines going without being too derivative.

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