WMD Overseer Stereo Filter Hands-Demo

WMD recently introduced the Overseer Stereo Filter, an analog stereo filter for Eurorack systems, inspired by DJ filters.

The Overseer features two filters on one knob, stereo ins and outs, bypass switch, and a stereo “Tilt” function which offsets the filter cutoff frequency across the stereo field.

In the video, Alex Anderson gives Matt Tanner (Love Cosmic Love) a hands-on demo of the new Overseer filter. 


  • Stereo Filter in 6HP
  • Two Filters
  • High-Pass and Low-Pass on one knob.
  • Stereo Tilt function with CV control
  • Bypass switch (action on release) for instant filter on/off control
  • CV over both filter’s cutoff freq individually
  • CV over Resonance

Pricing and Availability

The Overseer is available now for US $269. See the WMD site for details.

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