SynthScaper Soundscapes Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Developer Igor Vasiliev, developer of FieldScaper, shared this preview of SynthScaper, a new soundscapes synthesizer for iOS.

Vasiliev describes SynthScaper as a ‘synthesizer, specially designed for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes’.

Pricing and availability are still to be announced.

7 thoughts on “SynthScaper Soundscapes Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Looks very impressive and powerful. For a moment, I was hoping this would be the sampler that iOS lacks. But, there weren’t any signs of a good sample key-vel-mapper.

    Could be that BeatMaker3 will include a decent sampler. Unfortunately, I don’t want to run an entire DAW just to get a sampler.

  2. Igor knocked it out of the park again with this Synthscaper app. Can’t wait to hit the button n download….love this app. Unbelievable workspace…so tweekable….very deep!!!

    Thank you Igor!!!!

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