Moog Theremin + Haken Continuum = Mind Blown

At ContinuuCon 2017, thereminist Randy George demonstrated how he is using his theremin to control the synth engine of the Haken Audio Continuum Fingerboard.

Today he shared a video, embedded above, which offers a preview of the theremin + Continuum combo. 

George is using his Moog Etherwave Pro theremin to control the Continuum Fingerboard via MIDI Merlin.

MIDI Merlin is a standalone realtime pitch tracking software application that can be used for audio-to-MIDI conversion in live performance. This opens up a wide range of sonic possibilities for thereminists.

George notes that the video is his first proper demo of his solution, and the ‘first proper brain explosion.’

He adds, “This was just a couple days after ContinuuCon 2017 in Asheville, NC., & is only the tip of the iceberg!!!”

See George’s YouTube channel for a collection of his musical performances on theremin.

10 thoughts on “Moog Theremin + Haken Continuum = Mind Blown

  1. The future should be a 100-year-old old monophonic music instrument, which emits a whistle and is difficult to pitch? 400 years of constant evolution of music that has grown in complexity and expressive abilities and you are considering “the future” a musical instrument like theremin?

  2. Aside from Randy’s great theremin skills and the Continuum’s ultra-deep synthesis engine, the magic here is in the pitch-to-MIDI conversion software Randy developed. I got to play it. It was very smooth.

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