Moog Mother-96 vs Korg Volca Outdoor Jam Session

This video, via Dualtrx, captures a live outdoor synth jam, featuring a Moog Mother-96 rig, with some additional Euro company, plus a Korg volca beats

“Was a beautiful day outside,” he notes, “I said to myself that this live session i’m gonna do it in the nature. So here it is. 3x Mother32 alongside the little Korg Volca, and some modules from Mutable, Qu-Bit, Pittsburgh … I hope you like it.”

10 thoughts on “Moog Mother-96 vs Korg Volca Outdoor Jam Session

  1. is there anybody else thinking:

    “where to play my $2000 rig…indoors or outdoors…damn…what a dilemma”

    1st world problems,,,rt?

  2. I was wondering, is there an extension cable for power? Or is this battery powered? If so what kind of battery is being used. Thanks, sounds great btw

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