Xils-Lab PolyM Virtual Polymoog Now Available

Xils-Lab has released PolyM – a software recreation of the Moog Polymoog synthesizer.

Here’s the official video intro:


  • Unlimited polyphony, as PolyM’s inspiration was considered when released. Even if it was not true, compared to monophonic synthesizers of these times or to the five or eight voices machines, the 71 voices, each one with its own pulse width modulation, filter, VCA and envelope generator, was a revolution.
  • Two Top Octave Divider (T.O.D) oscillators, slightly detuned for an incredible phasing effect and a very special envelope generator are the Heart and the Soul of the PolyM.
  • Hybrid design from an organ-like synthesizer and three filter banks, including a 24db ladder filter, driven by a monophonic envelope.
  • Using divide-down technology offers a particular sound for Chords and Pads you can’t find any other way, but that’s not all. Feeding a monophonic zero-delay 24db self-oscillating filter, driven by the keyboard, gives you the possibility to play huge Basses or leads as no other synthesizer can do.
  • Also features an Acoustic filter bank, a Resonator bank, a Delay, Phaser, Reverb and plenty of modulation possibilities.

Pricing and Availability

PolyM is available now for Mac & PC for 99,00 € (intro price, normally 149,00). A demo version is also available.

13 thoughts on “Xils-Lab PolyM Virtual Polymoog Now Available

  1. Nice sounds in the demo video, I’m gonna try the demo version of this. Only thing that bothers me is the UI. Why does plugins that emulates old keyboard have to look like the real thing? Would be great if it was at least possible to choose a modern UI for us who like that better.

  2. If it didn’t look like the real thing, people wouldn’t fall for the illusion that it sounds like the real thing.

  3. Probably the worst sounding Moog ever made and definitely the ugliest. For years we dreamt of a poly Moog. It got its first airing on the Yes album Going For The One in 1977 and although the album got positive reviews there wasn’t one that failed to mention the awful sound of the keyboards. Thin and abrasive.

    1. Wrong on the looks. Look at an Opus or Little Phatty to see some uncreative design. Look at the Polymoog and Sonic 6 to see where we could have ended up. Look at some of the prototype/mock up Minis and you’ll see Moog initially wanted a more futuristic look.

      It has limits sonically. Live with them and explore what it does well. Don’t forget this is 2017 and for all the modern choices the Polymoog still stands out as something different. You don’t say that about a Rogue, Source or Prodigy etc

  4. Like it…a bit nostalgia but reminds me of checking out pictures of keyboards from postorder companies in the 70’s.
    Also reminds me on of the value of the dollar in the 80’s. Was freakn expensive …i could have a yamaha dx7 instead of a dsr1000…

  5. This and the U-HE Pro-5 are definitely the must have VST keyboards of 2017.
    Don’t you agree?

  6. Nice but massive CPU hungry plugin… Preset switching nearly 2 seconds xD (on a i7 quad 990xtreme cpu)…

  7. Are you talking about the PolyM ? Is it CPU hungry as the U-HE Diva ? Well, because on a i5 MacBook Pro could be a problem…

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