Audiomodern Releases Atom Film and Game Sound Design Tool

Audiomodern today introduced Atom, their new virtual instrument for Kontakt. A film and game sound design tool, Atom is powered by a custom engine they say is designed to ‘spark your creativity.’

The Atom machine is built around a diverse collection of intricate textures and organic elements which were created from a huge collection of field recordings, custom-made acoustic instruments (including a “tuned” anchor, propellers, the famous Koka’s experimental Box, and even a WWII Torpedo) and analog machine noises.

The sounds were then painstakingly recorded, edited using advanced sound design techniques, and finally assembled into a collection of abstract cinematic and experimental organic elements.

The Atom virtual instrument plugin comes with 3.000+ samples, a highly versatile collection of on-board effects, an intuitive multi-layer engine with separate effects and arpeggiator engine for each layer to provide hundreds of sonic combinations.

Atom is preloaded with over 180 presets, divided into five main categories ATMO, KEYS, FX, PERCUSSIVE & SYNTHETIC.

Each sound can be shaped into “lush evolving pads, dense uplifting chords, strange acoustic tones, deep Textures,” as well as ambient soundscapes, layered ambiences, Impacts, transitional cinematic FX and other elements for adding drama and movement into compositions.

Atom’s advanced features allow flexibility and control over morphing, manipulating and processing.

Atom has two layers of sound sources. The same 180+ sources are available on both layers and you can mix and match as you need to.

Atom features a custom convolution reverb impulse engine, full synthesizer LFO’s, filters, envelopes and a powerful dual arpeggiator engine for those looking to take their sound further than the preset patches.


  • 180+ sound sources, categorized into five categories encompassing a wide variety of sounds
  • 7.2 Total Gb of sounds (Compressed to 6.73 Gb using .NCW Lossless format)
  • Full keyboard range of sample playback
  • Multi-Layer Engine
  • Individual Effects for each Layer
  • Individual Arpeggiator for each Layer
  • Random Sequence Generator
  • Optimized Functionality
  • Custom convolution reverb impulse engine
  • 24Bit/48Khz resolution for all source samples
  • Multi-Genre versatility

Pricing and Availability

Audiomodern Atom is available now via the Audiomodern website. Regularly priced at €149, Atom is available now at an introductory price of €99.  Additional infomation, audio samples, manual and installation instructions, as well as demonstration videos are all available at Audiomodern.



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