9 thoughts on “Bach Preludio IV On A Moog Sub 37

  1. BWV 999

    It’s a C Minor Prelude for Lute. I don’t know where that “IV” comes from: It’s not part of a collection of preludes or preludes and fugues or anything.

    1. Actually, it is in the collection known as Twelve Little Preludes. But it’s #3, not #4, so the “IV” is still a mystery.

      1. Oh, I see.

        From Wikipedia:

        “Twelve Little Preludes (French: Douze petits Préludes; German: Zwölf kleine Praeludien), BWV 924–930, 939–942 and 999, is a 19th-century compilation of short pieces, collected from various 18th-century manuscripts written by Johann Sebastian Bach and others”

        “The 19th-century compilation set of the Twelve Little Preludes kept its presence as a collection of piano pieces in music printing and performance in the second half of the 20th century,[31][32] while other editors stayed closer to the collation in the 18th-century sources and/or that of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis for their presentation of Bach’s short piano pieces”

        Maybe Spina has his own prelude compilation. That would be perfectly fine I guess 🙂

    2. Thanks for the BWV number… I was thrown by the ‘IV’ as well … I thought it was from the Well Tempered Clavier.

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