Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO FM Synth (Sneak Preview)

Barcelona-based music producer Blanali Cruz shared a pair of videos that offer a sneak preview of the Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO FM synthesizer.

The MOSTRO is a small FM synth, with 4-voice polyphony, LFO and sub-oscillator, delay and glide. Cruz notes that the synth offers potentiometer control, giving it the familiar feel of subtractive synth designs.

Cruz also posted some first impressions (in Spanish) at Neonized.

Pricing and Availability

The videos feature a MOSTRO prototype, and the synth is still under development, so details on availability and pricing are to be announced.

8 thoughts on “Outer Space Sounds MOSTRO FM Synth (Sneak Preview)

      1. Got the DX200 & it’s a weird one, kinda hard to control. Yamaha condensed the control surface to just 3 of the 6 operators, with no ADSR over each op/mod. To really get away from presets you need to hook it up to a PC running it’s programmer or study the hell out of all those midi-CC messages.

        Plus there’s that bloody free EG thing that didn’t so much modulate your sounds as render them useless…

        That said the DX200 is a lot of fun & immediate to use (rare among the DXs). The filter & amp envelopes are a great touch. Get away from the one bar sequencer & it’s a good beginner’s synth.

        Compared to the DX200 the Volca FM & Reface DX are better for getting into FM (tested them in-stores & was able to dial in unique tonal sounds pretty quickly). The Mostro looks far easier than the DX200 to dial in sounds, straight up.

  1. Neat! Although why does it look like you’d might need a tetanus shot after handling it? Was made in the 80’s and they’re just pulling it out of the attic now with the resurgence of FM?

    Kidding aside. Sounds like fun.

  2. Very cool, but no word on ops, mods, feedback & algorithms?

    Really looking forward to this hitting the market, I’ll probably buy one even if it’s just a one-op, one-mod deal.

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