Dark Net Soundtrack Now Available

Composer Justin Melland let us know that Lakeshore Records has released a soundtrack album of his work for the Showtime docu-series Dark Net.

The show – which focuses on the dark side of the Internet – features an original, synth-heavy score by Melland.

“I write the score with a big Eurorack system, Macbeth Elements, OB6, Prophet 6, Juno 6, and a Buchla 259R,” Melland told us. “No samples were used!”

In a recent interview, Melland told us about his approach to both building an electronic studio for soundtrack work, and his approach to scoring Dark Net:

“When you are a film composer, your instrument really ends up being your entire studio. If you can think of the entire collection as one huge instrument, with many variations of tone and expressivity, I think you’ll get close to the mindset of a film composer.”

You can preview the Dark Net soundtrack via Spotify:

The Dark Net soundtrack is also available via iTunes and Apple Music.

Track List:

1. Trouble
2. Who’s Knocking
3. A New Level
4. It Will Feel Natural
5. For How Long
6. Run
7. It’s Real
8. Behind The Curtain
9. Regression
10. Lost Days
11. Who’s Face Are You Wearing?
12. Nothing Is Certain
13. 1234 Ways To Lose
14. Under Skyless Stars
15. Saw Them Coming
16. Uneven
17. 2 + 2 is Not Four
18. If I Try
19. The New Race
20. Hacking Is Over
21. Perpetual
22. Too Many Options
23. Future Ramen
24. She Was Lost
25. My Body, Your Body
26. Making Things
27. When I Leave Here
28. It Starts With The Eyes
29. Standing Naked In A Digital Crowd
30. Give Me Liberty
31. Unreal
32. Violate
33. Things I Don’t Need
34. Not Much Longer
35. The Frozen Stories
36. We Didn’t Need To Run
37. They Are Here For Us
38. My Dreams Are Neon
39. Lies
40. It’s Not Looking Good
41. Let’s Ride
42. Nothing Is Sacred
43. I Would Come Over
44. Ruin
45. It’s Over

4 thoughts on “Dark Net Soundtrack Now Available

  1. I’ve not seen the show but I’m very uncomfortable with the premise. The twisting of the term “deep web” to “dark web” and the resultant conflation with the deep web and all things nefarious; smacks of social programming—a preemptive strike on the last archipelagoes of digital liberty.

    In essence, the Deep Web consists of anything not currently indexed by Google. You know Google, the happy-happy, fun-time, hipster go-getter company. The one with corporate hegemony over virtually everything you see and think. The wonderful free thinking company that sails under the banner “don’t be evil” and is known to directly manipulate the output of their algorithms when they fail to lean towards the right flavour of “progressive leftism”. The company that just fired a man for being too objective about the relative flaws and merits of traits that can be broadly seen as typical of liberals and conservatives (see James Damore) The company that lied about sharing your information with the CIA, the company that knows more about you than anyone else and tailors your experience on the web appropriately. The company that just demonetized and shadow banned all of that terrible terrible wrongthink on YouTube…

    … But anything not to do with Google. Oh that’s the Dark Web man, that’s for paedos, drug dealers and ne’er-do-wells. Better stay away from that dark web bro – what are you a nazi or something?

    1. Who am I to say anything about the work of people I know little about?

      I do agree with all of your points and the thing that would seem a bit more on point and natural would be if that score were licensed at least on creative commons or completely open source.

      Seeing a score about the dark web licensed and trademarked avaliable on Spotify seems a bit off and unnatural.

      On top of that there’s the PR angle on how it was made on an analog ridden Eurorack which is the most non deep Web kind of talk going on at our times. Feels more like something you’d see throated on the most mainstream music blogs than anything.

      That said I do agree completely with the Author’s conceptual thinking on how to score a film and how to treat a studio.

      It just doesn’t connect with the culture it is referring.

      It would make much more sense to me if it were public domain and made on SunVox or something like that.

      But what to expect from a commercial optics on a misunderstood sub culture?

      I guess exactly that.

    2. Even the term “dark web” is being unfairly maligned. The dark web is just networks of sites that require specific protocol (encryption, anonymization, etc) outside of the norm to connect to them.

      While those features can make them attractive to criminals, they also help people in oppressive countries, journalists, and others who might face consequences for exposing corruption or promoting political views contrary to the interests of the privileged and powerful.

  2. Awesome music man. Well done! I dont care about the politics. There should be darkness if there is Light. Personally, fuck the light…

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