FAC Chorus Now Available For OS X

Developer Fred Anton Corvest has released FAC Chorus for macOS, an AU version of the previously released iOS chorus effect.

Here’s a demo of the mac version in action:

FAC Chorus is designed to simulate the characteristics of classic chorus modules, with the flexibility of customizing the parameters of components in the signal path.

The effect is built upon two individual delay line paths, controlled by common parameters. The behavior of each delay signal path is defined by the Chorus Type parameter:

  • Thick emulates the behavior of BBDs.
  • Clean offers a less colored sound, with a larger modulation.

Pricing and Availability:

FAC Chorus for macOS is available now in the App Store for US $31.99.

5 thoughts on “FAC Chorus Now Available For OS X

  1. Mac only…and only on Mac Appstore. A universal Mac/PC version would be better because some people use more than one computer.

    iOS version is nice.

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