Audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier Now Available

Olaf Giesbrecht of Audiowerkstatt let us know that the midi-clock-multiplier is now available.

As you might expect, the midi-clock-multiplier is a clock-multiplier for the MIDI clock. It can be useful if you have a very slow song and want to add a new part to it, which is faster than the master-clock.

It also works well for polyrhythmic work, even with odd division factors.

 Pricing and Availability

The midi-clock-multiplier is available now for 100,00 € plus applicable taxes.

5 thoughts on “Audiowerkstatt midi-clock-multiplier Now Available

  1. that’s funny, I have been looking for years for the exact opposite of this, I wanted something that can half or quarter my midi clock output…. this could still prove very useful though… I wonder if its function could be extended.

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