Native Instruments Maschine mk3 vs Ableton Push 2 Head-To-Head Comparison

In his latest video, loopop compares Native Instruments Maschine mk3 to the Ableton Push 2.

He notes:

It’s been said you can’t compare the MASCHINE MK3 to the Ableton Push 2, but I disagree. It’s true that in terms of software, Ableton Live is the more comprehensive DAW, and that the MASCHINE software is more of groovebox oriented approach.

But when you want to choose your beat making controller to accompany your DAW, the choice isn’t that obvious.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

9 thoughts on “Native Instruments Maschine mk3 vs Ableton Push 2 Head-To-Head Comparison

  1. I think the Arturia Mini V mapping is only available in the MK3, cause Arturia offers NKS standard, so mapped for NI hardware like Machine and the Komplete Kontrol Keyboards. I guess, if you use vsts without NKS standard, it will not work automatically.

    1. Yep, that is correct. NI has been promoting NKS-compatible software recently and Arturia is one of the headliners. It looks nice; I wonder if it’s something Ableton could implement or license.

      1. NKS works brilliantly on Maschine MK2 and Komplete Kontrol Gen 1. I love NKS so much I’ve made templates for other VSTs, as have many others. Total workflow game changer.

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