Cremacaffe Unveils ‘Kosmo’ Tabletop Gear Stand

KOSMO tabletop stand by Cremacaffè design store
Design house Cremacaffe has unveiled the Kosmo, a double table-top stand for desktop synths and other music gear.

Inspired by the popularity of their earlier Spike stand, Cremacaffe designed Kosmo especially for use with “heavier” music and desktop electronic equipment.

Kosmo is a pairing of two separable table-top stands, made of interlocking wooden pieces in two colors (for more easy assembly). Anti-skid and ergonomic, Kosmo can also be disassembled and flat-packed in seconds, and stows in a backpack or laptop bag.


Kosmo can work with these devices:

  • Access Virus A/B, TI desktop, TI Snow
  • Akai MPC 1000, MPC 500, MPC Studio, MPC Element, MPK Mini, Mini mkII, APC Key 25,
  • APC Mini, MPX 16
  • Alesis Micron, SR16
  • Alienware laptops
  • Apple Macbook series, iPad mini
  • Arturia BeatStep Pro, MiniLab, MiniBrute, MicroBrute, MiniLab, Spark, SparkLE
  • Boss BR-1600CD, RE-20
  • Clavia Nord Drum 2
  • Cyclone Analogic TT 303 Bass Bot
  • Dave Smith Prophet ’08, Prophet 12 M Evolver
  • Doepfer Dark Time
  • Elektron Sidstation, Monomachine, Machinedrum, Analog Rytm, Analog Four, Octatrack
  • HyperSynth Xenophone
  • Jomox Moonwind, T-Resonator
  • Korg New electribe & electribe sampler Electribes EMX ESX EA-1 ER-1 ES-1 EM-1 EA-1 mkII ER-1 mkII SDD-3000
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Native Instruments Maschine, Maschine Mikro, Kore
  • Novation Nova, Launch Control, Launchpad Mini, Launchkey Mini
  • Roland AIRA MX-1, TR-8, TB-3, SBX-1, SH-32, TB-303, TR-505
  • Waldorf Pulse 2
  • Yamaha AN200, DX200
  • and Zoom R8, among others.

KOSMO_cremacaffe_assemblyPricing and Availability

Cremacaffe Designs’ Kosmo table-top stand is now available. Regularly priced at €56.80, the Kosmo is available for an introductory price of € 49.80 through the end of June.

For additional information/specifications, consult the Cremacaffe website.

25 thoughts on “Cremacaffe Unveils ‘Kosmo’ Tabletop Gear Stand

  1. oh how wonderful. only 50 euro for 2 pieces of cardboard. can i buy a bottle of tap water for 100 euro in that package as well?

    1. Hell yeah man, we better jump on this amazing offer while stocks last! Now this is state of the art!
      I’m getting one for each of my four Volcas! Only 200 euro!!
      Gonna look freakin’ awesome on stage!

    2. I guess you didn’t bother to read the actual description then? The bit about them being 2 interlocking pieces of wood. I went to the site to check, just in case, and it’s 2 laptop stands that can be combined. So that’s 25 Euros per stand, doesn’t sound too bad to me. I guess it was far too much trouble for some to read and was better to look at the pictures and just guess instead.

        1. Not sure what gear you have, but I don’t know anybody that would want to gig with their laptop or synth on a fucking cardboard pizza box!

          Seriously. You would never get a gig again.

        2. Ian Copeland, the information you are giving out about the materials we use is totally wrong. Wood is not MDF, and it’s not cardboard either. Try to bend a pizza box, then try to bend one of our stands; then you can have a more precise idea of the materials you are talking about.


          1. On your site you identify the material used in the stands as plywood.

            Material: Plywood · Weight: 155 g
            Dimensions: H 170 x W 285 x D 260 mm
            Compatible devices dimensions:
            W 180 mm Min. · D 340 mm Max.
            Design: Elisa Andretti 2015|Cremacaffè

  2. The design is great because it works for so many different machines, and is highly portable. The price is fair because most of the value comes from design (which takes training and time), not materials. Sure, you could possibly build one on your own, but I bet you won’t! By the time you spent hours and hours perfecting the Design schematic, and gathering materials (and a laser cutter), you’d probably wish you would have just paid for the damn things.

    And no, I don’t work for this company.

    1. Thanks Adolph, we couldn’t have said it better.

      Prototyping a product, takes time, effort, money, design skills, experience in the field. Quality wood materials have their costs, a laser cutter machine too, shipping worldwide? Yes, it costs money too, a handmade bag to hold the stands (which are hand sanded) and the list goes on… Ah yes, almost forgot, there’s profit to be included as well…
      We do our best to provide fair prices all over our products range. If you believe you can make and sell handcrafted products of this level in good quantities at lower prices, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


      1. Andrea, I’ve got two Spikes. Love them. Sometimes I like to use them both to hold my MS-20M while I bang around with patch cables and the SQ-1. It’s sturdy and stable this way. The design is great and the quality of these stands is excellent. I guess you have to have one in person to appreciate them or know what you’re talking about. There are a lot of people on the internet that think their imaginations are good enough. I do the same thing sometimes. This is not one of those times. Good quality product. Thanks.

  3. This thing is just begging to get knocked over. When I work (and I think this is true of most people) with a drum machine, or anything with buttons, I’m jamming pretty hard, pressing buttons with at least a little force – this thing looks like it would slide around or topple over if you press on either side of the electribe shown in those images.

    Maybe It works in practice- but they’re not selling it well with those photos showing that huge overhang…

      1. Cool! And I don’t even really have a problem with hits on my Electribes but this will work great. Can’t wait.

  4. Personally, I can’t wait for mine to arrive. Really looking forward to it. Will at the very least alleviate backache after a long period of stare down which tends to happen to me after intensive work for a while. And I’m assuming a glance up, and I can see my DAW ahead of me. Best of both worlds in terms of ergonomic design I expect 🙂 Though I do wonder if I’ll paint mine to blend it in with my setup. Anyone any suggestions as to what type of paint to use if I were to do so? Don’t want to interfere with grip!

  5. Making Kosmo | Double tabletop stand for laptop and music gear.

    A taste of routine-handcraft work on our new Kosmo double tabletop stands for laptop and music gear, before reaching out to customers worldwide – from our Sicilian base in a warm summer afternoon.

    After lasercutting at the workshop, the paper protection layer is pealed off. Wood is then sanded, partly stained, left to dry out in the open, then hand-sanded again.

    A refreshing walk on the beach at dusk, ends our busy day as a reward.

    Full video available at:

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