Ampify Groovebox For iOS Updated With ‘Song Sections’

Ampify has updated Groovebox for iOS, adding ‘Song Sections’ so you can build and arrange your grooves into full arrangements.

With the update, you can structure your track by adding, moving and deleting sections with a swipe of your finger. On iPad, a full screen section view shows you all your sounds. On iPhone a simpler section view shows you just what you need, without cluttering up your screen.

Here’s what’s new in Groovebox 1.6:

  • Build bigger tracks with section on iPad and iPhone.
  • Sections can be added, reordered and removed easily
  • Switch sections at any time to Jam with your ideas
  • Simple iPhone section view removes the complexity of song arranging.
  • On iPad a full section view shows you all your sounds.
  • iPhone a simple section view shows you just what you need without cluttering up your screen.

iPhone Demo:

iPad Demo:

Pricing and Availability

Groovebox for iOS is available as a free download. In-App purchases unlock additional features and sound libraries.

5 thoughts on “Ampify Groovebox For iOS Updated With ‘Song Sections’

    1. I mean, they clearly are adding features that are open up the app for more creativity. What’s wrong with that? If you consider that this clearly aims to fill a similar space as figure or ikaossilator, it might be fair to say it is advanced in it’s class. The addition of more instruments, which will almost 100% for sure be IAP, will still be welcome.

  1. Was using Groovebox on my iPad Air2 and FunkBox on my original iPad recording both into Soundforge one on the left and the other on the right stereo channels, then using Soundforge multi tap delay and pitch shifting to create all kinds of rhythms. Was pretty inspiring and their different tonalities kind of complimented each other but sounded different enough to create more complex rhythmic loops. I use this technique with many different iPad drum apps. Total blast.

  2. Also the “random” feature is something I use all the time wish more apps had this feature. When doing the different pattern technique but keeping the same sonic palette it is so quick. Also appreciate being to take BPM down to 20. Gives me so many more rhythmic options when working with BPM variations.

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