MIDI Mouth And The TEC USB MIDI Breath And Bite Controller 2

In this video, composer Benn Jordan shares his experience working with a TEC USB MIDI Breath And Bite Controller 2.

“I feel like this is a sound expression option that too many people overlook,” notes Jordan. “This thing quickly became something I can’t believe I lived without.”

The TEC USB MIDI BBC 2 is available for 199.99 EUR (ex VAT).

via Reinhold

2 thoughts on “MIDI Mouth And The TEC USB MIDI Breath And Bite Controller 2

  1. I bought my first Yamaha breath controller in 1983, a BC1. It was always very useful. It became significantly more useful with the release of the VL series physical modeling instruments and subsequent plugins from various entities.

    I’ve stayed upgraded over the years. My current digital wind instrument is the WX5. You really need both pressure and bite to do this right.

    The WX5 needs to be updated but probably won’t be. It’s worth the money but too expensive for most given its older technology. The BC3 standalone breath device is out of production.

    A couple companies now make breath controllers. This TEC one has the higher speed of USB and bite. That sounds pretty good. I’ll stick with my WX5 but this one here looks like it does what you need.

    You can’t just plug and play these things. You need to tailor your patches to respond to them, and you need to have suitable synthesis methods for best results. It’s worth it to get it set up though.

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