In The Street With The ‘Electro-Acoustic Keytar’

This video captures KOMA Elektronik’s Wouter Jaspers in the street with his ‘Fieldkitar’ – a sort of electro-acoustic keytar, based on the Field Kit and Field Kit FX.

All audio was recorded directly on a Zoom recorder and normalized for levels, without any additional editing.

KOMA introduced the Field Kit at the end of 2016. The Field Kit is optimized to process signals from microphones, contact microphones, electromagnetic pickups and is also able to run DC motors and solenoids. On top of that, it can receive radio signals and convert signals from switches and sensors into control voltages.

The Field Kit FX is built up from 7 separate functional blocks, all focused on, as the developers describe it, “mangling and changing” incoming audio and CV signals. Production of the Field Kit FX is being funded by a still-open Kickstarter project.

The portable setup is powered by the upcoming STROM Mobile (in stores January 2018), which allows you to power any 9V/12V music device from any type of 5V USB power bank.

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