Akai Pro MPC 2.0 Now Available

Akai Professional has announced the official release of MPC 2.0, after an extensive beta testing period.

MPC 2.0 features audio track recording, real-time time-stretch and pitch-shifting, Ableton Link support and more.

MPC 2.0 is Mac- and PC-compatible, works either standalone or integrates into your DAW of choice as a VST, AU, AAX plug-in.

In addition to its redesigned interface, MPC 2.0 has added an extensive set of new features including:

  • Audio track recording
  • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting
  • Audio and MIDI drag-and-drop
  • Redesigned user interface
  • Ableton Link support
  • 64-bit audio
  • Bluetooth 4.0 MIDI support
  • Advanced signal routing capability – submixes FX returns, multi-output support
  • Reimagined mixer layout
  • Enhanced Q-Link control

MPC 2.0 works easily with Akai Professional’s MPC line of controllers, as well as the newest standalone units.

Supported MPC models are: MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Touch, MPC Studio Black, MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, MPC Element and the MPK2 line of keyboard controllers.

MPC 2.0 Upgrade Paths The upgrade paths for all current MPC owners are as follows:

  • MPC Live: FREE
  • MPC Touch: FREE
  • MPC Studio Black: FREE if registered after January 1, 2017/ $99.99 if registered before MPC Renaissance: $99.99
  • MPC Studio: $99.99
  • MPC Element: $149.99
  • MPK225, MPK249, MPK261: $149.99

In their announcement today, AKAI Professional also promised additional workflow features and creative tools for MPC 2.0 in coming months.

The Vault 2.0. The Vault 2.0 is a “curated collection” featuring over 10GB of “hard-hitting, amazing sounding” samples and instruments from some of the world’s premier sample library companies including: CAPSUN ProAudio, Loopmasters, Toolroom, MVP Loops, as well as Akai Professional’s own custom sounds. When purchased as the MPC Plus bundle, MPC 2.0 and The Vault 2.0 are available at a discounted rate.

MPC Plus (MPC 2.0 and The Vault 2.0) Bundle Pricing

  • MPC Studio / MPC Studio Black: $169.99
  • MPC Renaissance $169.99
  • MPC Element: $199.99
  • MPK225, MPK249, MPK261: $199.99

For more information, visit the Akai Professional website.

21 thoughts on “Akai Pro MPC 2.0 Now Available

    1. Also said Wifi and Bluetooth enabled…. So….. Got to love the actual facts on a new product box, everything legit there, right.

      1. by my count it looks like you and the box are both tied 1 to 1, but overtime is where the wheat gets separated from the chaff, I hope you’re ready!

      2. I’ve seen Brennan Galley from Akai demonstrate the wifi and Bluetooth functionality in a product video and it appears to be working now with the latest update. Here’s a link; https://youtu.be/HZou2r5dZOs

        I just got my Live last week so I haven’t had time to try these features out myself yet. When I get it going (or not) I’ll try and remember this post and post about the results.

        1. Wife and Bluetooth were enabled about 3-4 months after the product release. So yes, it should be working now but it was totally “Bluetooth/WIFI coming soon” in the options with a sticker on the box saying otherwise. Not that bit. deal anyways since it seems pretty limited to bluetooth keyboards and not the whole gamut of bluetooth enabled devices like bluetooth audio or sending midi out through bluetooth. I could be wrong, just haven’t got that far with the product yet.

  1. mpc live seems to be stable standalone. this is what counts. i´m not at all interested to use the live as a controller. native instruments suck big time, cos maschine mk3 does not run standalone. now roland should release their shelved/postponed “16-pad workstation/sampler” gearslutz whistleblower tha knoq was talking about two years ago. according to him, roland´s successor of the mv-8800 is a “mpc/maschine killer”. he saw actual footage of the item with his own eyes. tha knoq is a credible source. he rightly predicted the mpc touch.

  2. No, beta testing has been the last bug ridden 5 years of version 1 , all the thanks you get is to have to pay for version 2 . It’s just not good enough, akai deserve to be no more .

    1. > akai deserve to be no more .

      really? well, then tell me which other company builds stand-alone grooveboxes nowadays, except inmusic/akai? (don´t say elektron because their products are unuseable imo due to a cumbersome gui/workflow.) remember the good old days when roland had their mc series and yamaha its rs-7000? you could produce a whole album inside those machines. for comparison: today, not one aira product has a display. wtf? roland´s credo: it´s all about “performance”. i´m sick of it. i´m happy that least one company has decided to reinvent the standalone groovebox, so therefore, no, inmusic/akai plays a vital role and should stay.

      1. People want to be able to control multiple channels of MIDI at once going IN to the MPC. I’m fine without it, it’s never been possible on MPCs, but Akai dan says they’re working on it

        1. That was exactly what I was talking about. The new MPCs have a huge sound engine, and users should be able to access sound A on the pads, while playing sounds B and C on a split keyboard via MIDI In. Once that happens, I will hit the buy button.

    1. multitimbrality is coming, yall entitled www 2.0 smartfone era whiners are just impatient. Still remember how many years it took Akai to get the MPC4000 major bugs fixed? AFAIK the new MPC 2.0 and the new standalones has been a home run.

      A year or even two is nothing – I’ve waited a decade for this. Things is looking damn good!

  3. F* off Akai! One year late on the delivery of the software and even then you can‘t muster the decency to stand to your word: It was clearly stated that MPC Studio owners who registered after a certain date would get a free update to the software (NOT only Studio Black).

    Total intransparency and disregard for your established user base. I don‘t mind the 99€, I mind the pathetic approach to customer engagement.

  4. Fwiw, I just got the MPC Live and its killer. They have already updated the software to 2.0.5 which apparently solves the issue of a second internal drive incorrectly unmounting. I’ve only used a fraction of its capabilities so far but it has been solid and appears to work as advertised. Haven’t installed the software on my computer yet because I wanted to focus on the hardware atm.

    I’m grateful for a standalone device and I’m happy so far with my purchase because it’s a portable and professional device that sounds great, is stable, and is fun to use. I love computers but this thing feels more like an instrument than my laptops do. It has guided me down creative corridors that I didnt expect and that feels cool.

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