Maschine 2.7 Update Brings Real-Time Stretching, Loop Hot Swapping & More

Native Instruments has announced Maschine 2.7 – an update that will include some highly-requested features for playing loops with real-time time-stretching and more. 

Real-Time Stretching

“When we think about new features, one of the most important considerations is how these can be folded into the Maschine experience without adding any friction to the existing workflow,” notes Maschine software developer Chad Carrier. “There’s nothing new our customers have to learn here. Pre-cut loops will simply play in time with the project, no matter their speed, and they’ll adjust automatically to the project’s tempo changes. The Audio plug-in does the hard work for you. After that, the Pattern behaves as it always has, whether it contains MIDI, audio loops, or a combination of both.”

Loop Hot Swapping

The new loop hot swapping feature also keeps with the theme of friction-free functionality. “It’s great if you need a spark of creativity,” explains developer Mario Altvater. “If you have a bunch of loops and you want to find the perfect one that fits into your track, you can go through them, and hear them in the context of whatever you’re working on directly in your track.”

Gate Mode

The new software update also includes a feature called Gate Mode.

In Maschine 2.7, you can use Gate Mode to play loops or parts of loops melodically. Play up and down the scale – where the MIDI notes are placed will shift the pitch of that particular part.

“Gate Mode is a really musical way of playing loops,” explains Altvater. “You only hear the loop when you hit a pad, and you can actually change the melody of the loop while it’s playing just by using the pads.”

Pricing and Availability

Maschine 2.7 is coming in December, 2017, and will be available to all Maschine 2 software users as a free download in Native Access.


4 thoughts on “Maschine 2.7 Update Brings Real-Time Stretching, Loop Hot Swapping & More

  1. Finally.

    Time Stretching was the last thing missing for me in Maschine.

    I was just about to purchase Serato Sample so this couldnt have come a better time. I am now Komplete (see what I did there?)

  2. At 0:08 it looks like there are 8 audio tracks. Finally! The information on NI web site indicates a commitment to developing a more DAW like experience. My guess is 2.7 is just a taste and Machine 3 will be a paid upgrade when it arrives.

  3. anyone know if this will allow playing of chords of the same sample with multiple voices where all the voices are stretched to be the same length? (that all the voices finish at the same time…)

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