Synthesist Steve Roach Gets Grammy Nomination For ‘Spiral Revelation’

Steve Roach’s 2017 album Spiral Revelation has been nominated for a Grammy in the “Best New Age Album” Category.

The music on Spiral Revelation reflects Roach’s take on sequencer-driven synth music, combining rhythmic sequences with slowly evolving pads.

John Diliberto ( says that the album “stands out as a true, mind-tripping, trance inducing album. (It’s) a quintessential example of Roach’s sequencer driven oeuvre.”

You can preview Spiral Revelations below or via Bandcamp:

Grammy Award New Age Nominees For 2018

Brian Eno

SongVersation: Medicine

Dancing On Water
Peter Kater

Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 5

Spiral Revelation
Steve Roach

2 thoughts on “Synthesist Steve Roach Gets Grammy Nomination For ‘Spiral Revelation’

  1. The first track is beautiful. When the glitchy percussion started, I found myself wondering if I wasn’t listening to the latest BT…

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