New HANSY1010 Hybrid Synthesizer Features Digital Brain + Analog Heart

Lacaud Gilles has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the HANSY1010, a hybrid mono/duophonic synthesizer that the developer says combines a ‘digital brain with an analog heart’.

The synthesizer offers a deep architecture that supports standard waveforms, 4300 wavetables, vector synthesis and phase distortion synthesis.

It’s also designed to be expressive. You can route the velocity, the aftertouch ,the pitch bend , the mod wheel and the joystick to many parameters of the synth.

Video Demo:


  • Duophonic Hybrid synthesizer : Mono or Duo Mode
  • Large Interface with 4*40 LCD and OLED (128*64)/ 8 Potentiometers / 16 Push Button and one Joystick
  • 256 memory locations
  • Digital Oscillators / Analog Filter 4 poles
  • Resonance Keyboard tracking positive or negative Oscillator
  • waveform Legacy waveform: Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/PWM/Random
  • Special waveform: TriSquare/SawSquare/Pro2/MKS…
  • Wavetable : over 4300 wavetables
  • Noise generator
  • Transpose and detune
  • Phase Distortion
  • One Sub Osc per Osc
  • Sub Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Square/Pulse1/Pulse2/Pulse3
  • Sub Type: -2 / -1 / 0 Octave or 5Th Up or 5Th Down
  • Combi between OSC and SubOsc ADD/MULTIPLY/XOR/ENTERLACE
  • Wave Morphing and Wave shaping possibility (2 parameters per OSC)
  • 3 LFO
  • LFO Waveform : Sine/Tri/Saw/Inv/Random/Lag
  • LFO Sync: Free/Key/delay
  • 4 ADSR envelope Generator with positive and negative amount
  • VCF Negative and positive Amount
  • VCA
  • Pitch route to OSC1/OSC2 or OSC1&2
  • Matrix EG
  • Glide
  • External Analog audio input Midi In and Out with soft Thru
  • Sequencer and Arpeggiator ( 1 Sequence or Arp per Sound)
  • 24 Step 6 Parameters per step Transpose/Velocity/Cutoff/Gate/Glide/Noise
  • Swing
  • Sequencer or Arp send to Midi channel
  • Midi Sync In and Out
  • Assignable Pitch bend / Mod wheel
  • Assignable 4 axis Joystick to 20 destinations with amount
  • Double Assignable Aftertouch to 20 destinations with amount
  • Sound and Library manager software on PC
  • Weight 1,3Kg
  • Size 335*125*48 (mm)

Pricing and Availability

The HANSY1010 is being funded via a Kickstarter project, and is available to backers in various formats, including a barebones DIY project for 60 Euro or 380 Euro for a pre-built synthesizer.

9 thoughts on “New HANSY1010 Hybrid Synthesizer Features Digital Brain + Analog Heart

  1. What if you’re not a “backer” but still want to buy one? Will a non-backer have to pay more than 380 Euros for a pre-built synthesizer?

    1. You probably won’t have the option to buy a pre-built HANSY1010 outside of the Kickstarter. The creator is a one-man operation, and his Kickstarter targets look like they’re meant to only cover his costs. Maybe someone that buys the DIY PCBs is planning on selling pre-built systems, but I think they would probably charge more than 380 Euros for that service.

    1. Full disclosure: I did the graphic for the metal case, so maybe I’m a bit biased.
      But I’d say that it depends. I really love the Micromonsta, it’s probably one of the best digital VAs out there ihmo, but you’re comparing two different things here. The Micromonsta is a fully digital polyphonic VA with FX (and a bunch of other things), this one is a monophonic thing with analogue filter (it can do duophonic, but since it’s only got one filter I’d call it duo-paraphonic… though I guess that’s overdoing it a bit terminology wise). While you don’t get the 8-voice polyphony of the Audiothingies box, you get an expanded interface with a joystick and a neat little display that shows you the waveform and other info. Also the oscillator waveform selection is pretty different.

  2. Kind of like an updated Shruthi. The best thing about that device was not the processing power, but the genius design- seq to mod parameters, routings, matrix, interesting wavetables. This thing looks great too, but I’ll have to have a long look at the back pages of the manual first.

  3. Thank you Papernoise for all your work….You’re right the Micromonsta and the HANSY1010 are very differents.

    The Kickstarter intro video music is the arpeggio line from Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer”…
    ahhhh ok….the main part is the arpeggio from “stranger things”

    Gilles from HANSY

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