Maschine 2.7 Sneak Preview

The latest loopop video takes a look at the new audio features in the upcoming Maschine 2.7.

Three new features are covered:

  • Automatic tempo detection and alignment: Once you drop a loop into the new audio module, the software automatically detects the BPM and from that point on, it auto adjusts to the project’s tempo, while maintaining a steady pitch.
  • Free pitch adjustments: You’re free to change a loop’s pitch without changing its tempo, all in real time.
  • A new and innovative “Gate” mode lets you “play” a loop in a way I’ve never seen before. Check out the video for a few examples of pitch bending, playing and arpeggiating a loop in real-time while maintaining its fluidity and tempo.

If you’re a Maschine user, check out the demo and let us know what you think of the new features in version 2.7!


2 thoughts on “Maschine 2.7 Sneak Preview

  1. Guys .. it’s not amazing but it’s a start when on earth now you’ve made mk3 truly get on live recording ????
    As a guitarist I eagerly await the fun and spontaneous joy of dropping straight over an arrangement – come on guys it’s 2018 please please include this soon x

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