11 thoughts on “Korg R3 Synthesizer Review

  1. Been using Korg gear all my life, and most of my gear in my hardware realm is Korg.
    I’ll stick with my MS-2000BR and my Radias rack vs this “newer” stuff. But if they ever release a KRONOS rack I’ll buy it in a second.

    1. This is by no means new, owned mine for years. R3 is a radius engine, the output boards are known to be a bit fidley and sometimes need replacing. For their time, they sound great, and are easy enough to edit if you can stand the 4 knobs.

  2. Good sound, sexy looking, bad UI, and build. Editing sound is fiddly, it needs a lamp in low light to read texts (dark gray on black), the DAC could be better (low ouput), the knobs are weak and the red backlight display tires me.

  3. The R3 was my first synth and I still have it. It’s got a great sound and it’s pretty flexible but it’s a pain to program. The editing software makes it a bit easier but not by much.

  4. Got one about 7 years ago, second hand.
    it’s probably one of the better VA’s.
    I also got it for the fantastic vocoder.

    If only it had an analog voice too, but the DWG’s and fx are great.
    If i had to replace it, i’d get a JD-Xi.
    Similar but much more features (and the analog voice and drum machine).
    Also doubles as my midi KB.

  5. Wow. I cannot believe they’re doing an article on this little beast. It was my first synth and I still use it. I absolutely love it. the vocoder is still better than anything in its price range. I remember people were comparing it to the SH-201. I have both and the R3 wins that battle.

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