Abaddon’s Bolero (Emerson, Lake & Palmer Cover)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Alessandro Petrolati, captures a live cover of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s Abaddon’s Bolero, from Trilogy (1972).

Transcription and arrangement by Eugenio Giordani.


Eugenio Giordani (Hammond/Trumpet/Tuba/Solo Final Lead)
Alessandro Petrolati (Piccolo/Synth1/Triad Lead)
Pierfrancesco Ceregioli (Strings)
Elena Alessandra Petrolati (Tuba)
Andrea Petrolati (Bass)
Alessandro Guerri (Drum Set)

11 thoughts on “Abaddon’s Bolero (Emerson, Lake & Palmer Cover)

    1. Against her will? Are you kidding? Did you miss the multiple smiles? She’s in her element and very focused. A lot of players grimace and etc. No, she’s having a great time. She was invited to play a piece at Keith’s tribute concert. He invited her to come and play his Moog at one point. Check her out after finishing that famous “sequence.” Being blind IS a drag, but Rachel sure isn’t. Great player.

      1. I’m not talking about Rachel I’m talking about the girl in the tribute video (abaddons-bolero)sitting at the table with 4 other men the one with the dark long hair.

  1. Yes, you want to be watching her because that’s the only person that you can really see with their face showing. It’s a nice face, but then she yawns. She has a keyboard in front of her and she doesn’t play til the very end which explains it. At rehearsal she has to sit around until her time comes at the end. A lot of sitting.
    Crazy good tribute!!!

  2. Fantastic rendition sent chills up my spine in remembrance of the finest progressive rock band of my youth. Thank you for honoring the memory of the greatest keyboardist in rock history. RIP Keith

  3. Just found this as part of my love of ELP revival – superb. Bravissimi. Is there anywhere I can get the score? I am arranging some music on my PC

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