Ambient Guitar Meditation – ‘What Child Is This?’

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, via Chords Of Orion, there isn’t a synth to be seen – but guitarist Bill Venci instead uses his electric guitar and a variety of effects pedals to do some tasty playing and sound design that recalls the 70’s work of Fripp & Eno. 

Technical Details:

Carvin Allan Holdsworth HF2 “Fatboy” guitar
Heet EBow (E-Bow)
Strymon Riverside Mulitstage Drive
Strymon DIG Dual Digital Delay
Strymon Timeline
Morley Little Alligator Volume Pedal
Avid Eleven Rack
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Apple Logic Pro X

12 thoughts on “Ambient Guitar Meditation – ‘What Child Is This?’

    1. Having emotions and expressing them is part of being human, especially when playing or listening to music. A bit of compassion could result in accepting others emotions, as well as your own. Wishing you a good 2018.

  1. That’s outstanding. Too few guitarists seem to take the time to go here enough, ’cause its a great musical space. D Beau is right about a modular and a seriously pedal-equipped guitar being similar. Electro-Harmonix has made that a near-mission, with great results. A guitar string is a far better controller for pure synthing than a keyboard, moving as it does on an X-Y-Z axis, the Z being down the middle of the string proper. Rolis can go there, but not most keys. Check out Michael Brook for some memorable guitar-synth and studiocraft. E-bows rock.

    1. My first reaction as well, but the sounds were fantastic.
      Maybe this is the example that has convinced me, but I see no reason not to include sound manipulation with guitar pedals under the umbrella of synthesis.

  2. Michael Brook is wonderful and is the inventor of the “infinite guitar” which was the precursor to the Fernandez sustainer pickup now being incorporated in the Ed O’brien strat.

    Chords of Orion always struck me as somewhat Bob Rossish/Mr. Rogerish in his presentation but makes beautiful music and is a great teacher.

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