KV331 Audio Updates SynthMaster With New Wavetable Features

KV331 Audio recently updated SynthMaster, for Mac & Windows, adding wavetable synthesis features and more.

The update brings the following new features to SynthMaster:

  • Wavetable synthesis:
    • SynthMaster now supports wavetables with up to 256 waveforms.
    • Users can easily import wavetables by dragging and dropping files/folders on to the wavetable display.
    • The wavetable display can show wavetables in 4 different ways: 2D Waveform, 2D Spectrum, 3D Waveform and 3D Spectrum.
  • New Factory Presets: SynthMaster 2.9 comes with 150 new factory presets. Audio demos are available via their Soundcloud channel.
  • In-App-Store: Users can see the products that they’ve purchased, download and install the ones that are not on their system with the click of a button.
  • Internationalization (I18N): SynthMaster 2.9 brings support for UTF8 encoded file paths, so it’s now fully compatible with international users who use an operating system with a non-Ascii character set.

Audio Demos:

Synthmaster 2.9 is available now via the KV331 Audio site.

3 thoughts on “KV331 Audio Updates SynthMaster With New Wavetable Features

  1. Glad they released this because when I updated to 2.8.x (the latest before this) it created an unresolved problem whereas the opening of the AU/VST instance would crash Live, Logic, Mainstage, and Reaper.
    I love Synthmaster (and Synthmaster One) but due to that aforementioned unresolved issue and email tag with the company, it has left a bad taste.
    I hope 2018 will bring the company a most excellent prosperity and that my 2.8.x updating debacle will NEVER happen again in future updates. I did learn my lesson and will think twice about jumping in to the latest update without a fallback plan.

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