Using A Wind Controller With A Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Sunday Synth Jam: WMDevices shared this video, featuring WMD’s Alex Anderson and wind player Pedro Eustache, who took time out from the Hans Zimmer Orchestra World Tour to come into WMD and jam.

Eustache uses a wind controller, in conjunction with the WMD Synchrodyne. Starting at about 13:00, Eustache discusses his setup.

Here’s what WMD had to say about the jam session:

When he told us he used a wind controller to control our Eurorack module, the Synchrodyne, we had no idea what to expect. We obviously knew that the module was capable of making crazy noises while staying musical but what we didn’t realize was that with the right tool and the right player, it could be an incredibly expressive instrument all on it’s own.

He explains his setup about half way through the end of the video but the basis is a Lyricon Wind Controller and a custom made CV interface for it that gets his CV into Eurorack. He is also using an Expert Sleepers Disting as a VCA. I had that lil setup running into my mixer and was adding bits of delay and reverb here and there as well as providing a lil drone as a root note to reference and a beat for him to riff on.

We had never played music together before and didn’t really talk about what we wanted to do or achieve. We just let it happen. The results are something that I am super proud of and the whole thing was an experience I’ll never forget. We plan to have Pedro come by our NAMM booth this year for another performance but until then, I’ll just watch this video a thousand times and try and remember how good I felt directly after that jam.

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