Creating Custom SYSEX Mappings With The Roland JD-XI

This video, via ranzee av, takes a look at setting up custom SYSEX MIDI mappings for the Roland JD-Xi to allow for additional real-time control options.

The discussion includes a look at using system exclusive (SYSEX) messages to control things like AMP and Filter Envelopes, Aftertouch, toggles for sub oscillators and filter cutoff and resonance.

Topics covered:

2:17 Brief system exclusive and Hexadecimal tutorial
4:53 How to calculate Hexadecimal values
7:35 Hexadecimal table of values
8:06 MIDI control change messages or CC
9:48 Custom MIDI CC mapping
13:37 System exclusive messages
18:25 Custom SYSEX mapping
19:47 MIDI monitoring the system exclusive messages
24:57 Testing out some of the custom mappings
25:57 Aftertouch !!
27:38 Other options for soft/hardware custom mapping

3 thoughts on “Creating Custom SYSEX Mappings With The Roland JD-XI

  1. unfortunately roland missed to implement the mega important “are you sure?” question when switching between modes. i lost tons of sequences because of that. sad.

    1. Isn’t there a way to lock the pattern now though?

      From Roland website:

      System version 1.10 added the ability to lock program changes so that unintentional operation of the Value -/+ buttons will not change the program while you’re editing a sound or pattern. T

  2. Computers are binary (base 2). Octal is another one commonly used for computing. Sexagesimal is also interesting, it’s base 60, used for time, angles, etc. It also has a neat name. 🙂

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