Bastl Updates Kastle With Better Build Quality, New Synthesis Options

Bastl recently updated its Kastle mini modular synth module to version 1.5, improving the synth engine, build quality and adding new synthesis options.

Here’s what’s new with the updated Kastle:

  • The enclosure has been updated from acrylic to fiberglass material, which makes it very durable.
  • Added micro USB jack as a power alternative to the AA batteries.
  • New smooth black matte finish with some silver and white touches
  • Much better patch points
  • The whole sound core has been reworked, making it sound ‘much better!’. The ranges and smoothness is significantly increased, enhancing the palette of the possible sounds.
  • There are now two sound generation engines running in parallel on the main output and on the secondary OSC output. You can either use them separately or mix them together by simply connecting them with a patch cable.
  • There are 3 new modes: the formant synthesis, noise mode and tonal noise mode. These original modes are still there and have been updated: phase modulation, phase distortion and track & hold modulation.

Pricing and Availability

The Kastle is available for €80.00. A DIY option is also available.

12 thoughts on “Bastl Updates Kastle With Better Build Quality, New Synthesis Options

  1. I have synths for every situation and in every tier below $1000, yet Kastle is my favorite. I’ll be picking up one of these new ones, probably in the DIY variety.

    1. Yes, there’s an option…and free! 😉 just go to Bastl Github, download the updated code and flash the attiny85 with it.

      Then you can also try the other alternative firmware

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