6 thoughts on “Moffenzeef Dial-Up Now Available

    1. i’ve been wondering why nobody gave them any shit for their name up to here …
      “moffenzeefs” served a useful purpose historically but other than that nobody would accept a modular manufacturer with the n-word in the name these days, for example

  1. People everywhere are excited about the announcement of a great new Oregonian Eurorack drum module at a reasonable price!

    Five minutes later…

    We regret to inform you that the drum module is racist.

  2. Funny, last I checked a “Moffenzeef” was a tool that helped eradicate Nazi occupation in the Netherlands during WWII by allowing the dutch to gain access to the actual news rather than propaganda radio. It’s amazing to me how people want to defend a word that is derogatory towards the most offensive and evil group of people in the history of existence.

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