Radikal Technologies Debuts New Semimodular Eurorack Synth, The Delta Cep A

2018 NAMM ShowRadikal Technologies has introduced the Delta Cep A , a semimodular paraphonic synthesizer voice in Eurorack format.

Designed to be a  perfect starting point into the Eurorack modular world, the Delta Cep A features a MIDI to CV Interface, oscillators, filters, LFO, envelope generator, mixer, VCA, an effects section and even a memory sequencer/interpolator for new sound FXs.

Even without patching a single cable, the Delta can be used as a powerful solo synthesizer and Chords/Pads machine. But each section has inputs and outputs, so it can be used independently with your existing modules.

The Delta CEP A can also be used as a standalone synthesizer, with Radikal’s Delta CEP A desktop casing.


  • Interpolator – The Interpolator stores patch memories of the synthesizer and allows for automatic sequential recall and crossfading between these patches.
  • MIDI2CV – The MIDI to CV Interface controls the internal synthesizer and external synth modules.
  • Swarm Oscillator – The swarm oscillator is a bank of up to 8 oscillators that can be tuned in chords, clusters or fat detuned multi-oscillator sounds.
  • Mixer – The mixer controls the balance between external signals, the swarm oscillator and the noise generator.
  • Analog Multimode Filter & Digital Multimode Filter – The Delta has one analog and one digital multimode filter to choose from.
  • ADSR generator – The ADSR Generator creates fast, snappy envelopes and offers CV control over Attack and Decay times.
  • Trigger Input
  • VCA
  • FX Section

Pricing and Availability

The Delta Cep A synthesizer will make its official debut at the 2018 NAMM Show. See the Radikal site for more details.

5 thoughts on “Radikal Technologies Debuts New Semimodular Eurorack Synth, The Delta Cep A

    1. Sid – I think it uses a similar (or identical) set of digital oscillators as the Swarm module. I have the Spectralis 2 and Accelerator, both from RT, and I assure you, their oscillators are always top notch, even if digital. This also boasts an analog filter, which I think is far more important than analog oscillators, but that’s just my opinion.

  1. Thanks for the reply Midera. I do ask about the oscillators to know the level of “craftsmanship” of the hardware and ipso facto you can know a ball park number for the price. I do not care about the analog vs digital stuff as long as all of them make sense.

    I used to have a SE synth that to my taste it had Rolls Royce oscillators and filter, but the envelopes were more like a Hyundai.

    Modor NF-1 is one example of a good digital synth

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