Moog DFAM Audio Demos

Here are a few videos that explore the sonic possibilities of the new Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) analog percussion synthesizer.

The Moog DFAM was originally only available to Moogfest attendees, but last week was introduced as the second module in Moog’s ‘Mother’ Eurorack line. 

The first video, via Brooklyn’s CTRL MOD, features both percussive and melodic examples of the DFAM’s output. The next video, below, capture’s Rheyne using the DFAM, triggered by an Eloquencer, and modulated with an assortment of LFOs and stepped-random voltages. The Make Noise Morphagene is playing a sample of his voice, saying the phrase “drummer from another mother”:

10 thoughts on “Moog DFAM Audio Demos

  1. honestly,
    not impressed…
    take the second example and start thining… Investing almost 2000 bucks to get some modulation sources and a drum synth to do what?
    some semi random clicks and zapps….
    I like autochre, aphex twin, mouse on mars and many more… But I think their approach is a different one, more thoughtfull …
    I can accept the DFAM as a source of inspiration… that might be ok for a short time… but as an useful instrument? get a used analog rytm mk1 … for example… or a sonic potions xlr…..

    1. Well, you’re probably the same guy that, when someone tells you “Look at that dog chasing his tail haha funny”, respond in a way like: “No, not impressed — I’ve seen a dog at Opra Winfrey’s show that was much more thoughtfully chasing the tail — this one might be ok for a short time but no way I would pay attention to it or have a good laugh, because it is absolutely impossible for me to side with a concept that somebody can do some things just for fun without pretending to be the Next Big Autechre or Opra Winfrey quality-standard meeting dog”.

    2. Arguably you are paying for a bit of the Moog name here. Not sure where you are getting the 2000 bucks number from. At the moment in the EU the DFAM is priced €650. For an Osc/Noise source, Filter, Sequencer and patch matrix all in one. That’s a very reasonable price

    1. Well, technically it’s a ‘semi-modular analog percussion synthesizer’, and not a ‘drum machine’, per se…
      Not sure that it’s being marketed as a traditional ‘drum machine’ by Moog, or anyone else..?

  2. I wonder what opinions we’ll be getting if not for MOOG badge attached….
    As for me, it sounds like crap, you can’t create entire drum patterns with it – not poly and so called sequence is pure crap.

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