Learning To Program With Python & A Video Synthesizer

Kirk Kaiser, author of Make Art With Python, shared this playlist of videos, looking at learning to program with python and the Critter & Guitar ETC video synthesizer.

The Critter and Guitari ETC is an open source video synthesizer that runs Python and Pygame, and generates visuals meant to accompany a musical performance. It can be controlled via an audio signal and an optional MIDI input, and runs a set of Pygame sketches that interact with the MIDI, Audio, and 4 adjustable knobs on the device.


One thought on “Learning To Program With Python & A Video Synthesizer

  1. Awsome instructional videos! But I find the Critter and Guitari ETC a little expencive for what it does. That goes for C&Gs other products as well. You can easily do similar stuff with Processing and other software frameworks

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